Looney Tunes



Imagine if you could write something beautiful, only to do so you had to make each A on the keyboard a B, and each B a C. Or rather, the A a Z, and the B an E.

Why not just… Well, you see my question.

I’ve been picking up the acoustic guitar again, and have been seriously disheartened by the number of songs I want to learn that have alternate tunings. Isn’t playing the damn thing difficult enough already? I mean, yeah: I’ll see you a Drop D if it gets me the Cinnamon Girl, but DADGAD? SHEESH.



I bought Twin 1 a guitar at a yard sale for a couple of bucks. She was particularly enamored because it’s purple, her favorite color. (I know. I choose my battles.) She’d been making noise – while making noise – that it was missing some strings, so I took her to a local music shop to buy new ones.

Now, Gentle Reader, before we continue, you must know the abiding passion of my life: it is to have others perform tasks for me. And granted, there’s a lot of competition for your indignance these days, but surely this store’s stringing fee will purchase some of it:



Thirty-five dollars!


So I did it myself. I’d only pay that much were it bestrung by Prince Rogers Nelson himself.



The mailbags are filling with queries about a rumored guest post from Missionjmk. There’s a tone to some that I don’t care for, implying it’s all been idle boasting on my part.

As a matter of fact, the delay can be explained quite simply: he’s putting the finishing touches on the Well Actuallys’ new album, “The Avo Toast Incident?”

All he’ll tell me is that it’s even foot-stompier and hand-clappier than Appetite for Kombucha.


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