Help, I’m Stepping into the Twilight Zone

This sign inspired me to such witticisms as “Shouldn’t they block the road?” and “Ours was in a ballroom.” (Figuring you can’t go wrong with Wild Bill, I submitted this for Twitter’s consideration.) Then I thought: it’s like something you’d see on The Twilight Zone, but if the episode were directed by John Hughes.

The PARCC (as we in the business call the new state exam) is a multi-day testival*, so when the text-weary kiddos get to my Reading class, I’ve been showing them episodes of The Twilight Zone, e.g:

  • Time Enough at Last” – we connected this to Sisyphus and Tantalus
  • To Serve Man” – O ambiguity!
  • Deaths-Head Revisited” – admittedly, not the most subtle treatment, but we’d just read a magazine article on Anne Frank. (And since it’s only 6th grade, I don’t have them compare/contrast with The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder)

I’m pleased to report they like The Twilight Zone. I’d forgotten how much I do, too.

Speaking of which, I think “Twilight Zone” is my third favorite** song of the 1980s. (NB songs on hit radio, that is.) I’d never seen the video before. It gets questionable, then weird:


*I was really hoping I’d just coined this word. Nope.

** Writing “third favorite” reminds me of how VS Naipaul once said, of a student essay contest, that the entries were so bad there should only be third prize. Anyway, if you must know, #2 is “Head over Heels” by Tears for Fears, and unmovable at #1 is “Don’t Answer Me” by the Alan Parsons Project.