Since neither labor nor Providence has brought me – yet, anyway – wealth, on Saturdays I buy a scratch ticket. Along with it I get copy of the Financial Times, just so I’m prepared. Granted, the real estate pages give me the devil’s own time deciding where I’d move, but otherwise I like the weekend […]

March of Folly

  Embed from Getty Images   Some years ago I spent three happy weeks in a town outside Paris. There was a tourism office, and as it was July, I stopped in to ask if there were festivities for Bastille Day. Now, in French the word for parade is défilé. So it is possible that, […]


    Aristippus going to dinner passed Diogenes washing garlic in a gutter. He said to him, “Poor Diogenes, if you knew how to get on with people you wouldn’t have to live like that.” “Poor Aristippus,” said Diogenes, “if you knew how to live like this you wouldn’t have to get on with people.” […]


  First, a heads up that things are going to change around here. I read in a book that because of Earth’s wobbling Polaris will cease to be the North Star in a few thousand years. *** Saying hyperbole so that it rhymed with wiper-bowl. Not realizing – until fairly recently – that it’s exorbitant, […]

Our Ford

1. Henry Ford Is the Village Industry Preservation Society Henry Ford will necessarily be remembered in the United States for centuries, and often, when he was talking to me, a little inquiry arose in the back of my head as to the thing for which he would be best remembered. After much consideration, I reached […]

Flag Salute

  Per (the Rt Hon.) Lord Steerforth, I was prompted to contemplate why Americans love their flag. Personally, I love it because it’s one of the better looking flags out there.   Yeah, this one swings so cool and sways so gentle: And respect to Nepal for thinking outside the box:   But global standards […]