Western Civilization

  Masha Gessen: We moved to Boston, not the smiliest city in this country. Tyler Cowen: Quite the contrary.   Summer brought me to Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, and Washington state, and I was once again reminded how much more pleasant people are when they’re not in the Northeast. I was chatting [see? Even he’s nicer […]

Library Edition

  I try to avoid any place requiring shuttle buses, but when my friend Keith came up for the day and said he wanted to go to the JFK Library, I said OK. My favorite part? Freedom 7! Hadn’t expected to see that. It’s on loan from the Air & Space Museum. Holy moly, it’s […]

T Time

  With the opening of Africa’s first fully electrified cross-border railway, getting from Ethiopia’s capital to the Gulf of Aden just got a lot easier. It also means Djibouti now has a more modern rail system than Boston. Those Red Line cars you saw in The Friends of Eddie Coyle? They’re still running, sometimes. Check […]

Sister Act

Twin 2 said to Twin 1 the other day: “Hey! Be nice to me! I’m your sister!” I found this hilarious. I was reminded of it reading this Globe article on Boston’s sister cities. (Wikipedia informs me such municipal relationships are also known as “twin towns.”) I grew up in Boston, and have a MA in international studies, […]