Four Seasons

  When my children exclaim “Father, tell us of your idiocy!” I shall sit them on my lap and recount how I once declined a ticket to a Nirvana concert. I swear I said, no joke, “Maybe next time.” Yesterday “Seasons in the Sun” by Terry Jacks came on a 70s station I’ve been listening to […]

Daft Pop

  When I was a college lad, I would sell my body – honi soit qui mal y pense – to medicine. There was a hospital across town that regularly needed human guinea pigs, as did I cash. It was there, stuck in an MRI machine for some experiment or other, that I first heard Boney M, whose […]

Wild & Rocking Bob

  If you are a student wishing to derail my lesson, just ask me about the Challenger, or the Battle of Stalingrad, or the 1986 World Series. Thereafter I will be interrupted only by the bell. Regarding Game 6, I speak with great warmth (in the 18th-century sense) about the unjust vilification of Bill Buckner. You […]

Riffing Is Fundamental*

  Whenever I unlock my car, the beeps remind me of the last notes of the riff to “Connection.” It was twenty years ago I saw Elastica at the 9:30 Club, and apparently I’m still pining for Justine Frischmann.   I was in said car the other day when I heard “My Type” by Saint Motel. I don’t know […]