Me Again

La vieillesse est un naufrage. – Chuck D


I’ve been busy! Working on this thing, and this other thing, and another thing too. Tell you more later. In the meantime spare a thought for my laptop, which winterlong faced this thing:


Now then. I am not bad at shooting baskets. I wouldn’t say I’m good, but I’m definitely not bad. This has been remarked by Twins 1 & 2, who are super into basketball, and good at it. Neither seems to have inherited my lack of athletic grace.

Which is weird, for if fatherhood has taught me anything, it’s that genetics is for real. Accordingly, I am somewhat terrified I’ve inherited my old man’s bad knees. When I’ve gone for a morning run, and later in the day the twins ask me to play basketball… oof.

So I tell them I’ll be the stationary teammate of whoever has the ball. And when it’s passed to me, I shoot. I find this a decent solution, but it does produce disagreement about whether my varying field goal percentages indicate bias. I always say if I miss it’s because I prefer the sister.

As for the knees, I’ve started running on trails in the local state park. It’s definitely easier on the knees, but more important, so much more enjoyable. Running on sidewalks is like drinking warm Coors in your garage; running in the forest is a G&T on the veranda at sunset. Either way, if you happen upon me, please revive me with the latter.