You Got That, Right?

I was flipping through an art book and saw a trio of photographs that really dismayed me.

I could tell right away it was Ai Weiwei. I don’t know much about him, but enough to know he wasn’t playing around with the title: Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

I’ll listen to whatever explanation, and I’m willing to accept there may exist a good one, but jeez. The Han Dynasty ain’t making any more.

And get this. The photographer missed it the first time, so he had to drop a second one.

Honestly? That’s better performance art, if you’re going for that kind of thing: The Guy Supposed to Photograph Me Dropping a 2,000-Year-Old Urn Totally Whiffed.


Reminds me of K Foundation Burn a Million Quid. This was by the KLF, a wacky music duo, and it happened in 1994. I remember at the time reading about it in one of the British music magazines and thinking it must be an act.

Ex-act-ly their problem!

Apparently they did indeed burn one million pounds sterling, but then had trouble convincing everybody that they had done so.

Ah art! Ah humanity!