When I get home from school I empty my pockets of the day’s accumulation: notes, paper clips, pens, etc. Sometimes I think about an interview I read with the drummer of the Rolling Stones. It was a questionnaire-type thing, a mix of serious and silly questions. One was “What do you have in your pockets?”  He replied he kept nothing in his pockets, so as not to break the line of his suit.

So long, Charlie. You are the coolest Stone.


Your crackers, licorice, and shelved Hennessy are now safe, Gentle Reader, but at woeful cost: Shock G is no more.

This had some, uh, resonance:

“The Humpty Dance” invited an audience of awkward youth into hip-hop with its embrace of misfits and outcasts. “Stop whatcha doin’ / ’Cause I’m about to ruin / The image and the style that ya used to,” Shock G rapped with lighthearted bravado. “I’m crazy / Allow me to amaze thee / They say I’m ugly but it just don’t faze me.”



Oh, snap!

Upon hearing the dismal news, I played “Just a Friend” for Twins 1 & 2. They thought it hilarious, and still occasionally interrupt the procession of Ed Sheeran and Olivia Rodrigo for it.

Good night, sweet clown prince. It is ever spring when we hear you.