March Madness


Having ordered the twins to load the car,  I took a look and thought: this looks like something from a movie called The Samoan Job. The rest of the day I had this in my head:


Of course, per geography, we were laden not with Samoas, but Caramel deLites. So every time I saw a box, this riff kicked off:


Meanwhile in History class, it’s the Ancient Greece unit, and we did a lesson on Minoans. Whenever I read, spoke, or heard “Minoan,” it summoned that call to terpsichorean abandon in this song’s finale:


Make it stop, please.

O! Gentle Reader! This dread month, the Long March, is underway. As quoth the above proboscis-wearer: “You got it down when you appear to be in pain.”


PS sincere shoutout to the guy who pulled up to the drive-through sale last Sunday and bought two cases of Peanut Butter Sandwiches (or, per geography, Do-si-dos). Someday I’m going to be a high roller like that.