No No Song

If there is one matter on which I can speak with authority – or at least experience – it is rejection.

I started sending stories out for publication fifteen years ago. For a while I kept count of the rejections. After about a hundred, for the purpose of ego maintenance, I decided to stop. Let’s just say my acceptance rate is under one percent and leave it at that.

Rejection slips generally go like this: thanks, sorry, good luck. E.g. here’s one I pulled at random:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read and consider [story]. Unfortunately, your submission is not the right fit for our journal at this time. We wish you all the best of luck in placing it elsewhere, and appreciate your interest in [journal].

Again, thank you for your submission and please accept our kind regards.


No rejection has ever induced my laughter, that’s for sure, until this year. I just got this, from the UK. I guess they do it different over there:

Many thanks for sending us your story. We enjoyed reading it, but not enough to offer publication in the magazine.
Good luck with your writing!