King & The Mighty I


“I wanted every 50-minute class to feel like half an hour.”

Stephen King’s instructional goal is a sterling standard for teachers and (scaled accordingly) songwriters.

And while he and Noel Gallagher are two whose work I’ve regrettably stopped following (the former’s out of loss of habit, the latter’s due to disappointment), when I encounter an interview with either, I read it.

Mr. King makes a lot of sense to me in this one. (Except that response to the Oxford comma question. Huh?) His point that teaching great literature should not be at the expense of students’ despair was not lost on me, as my high school reading regimen was to skim Cliffs Notes for assigned books, thereby freeing up time to devotedly read King’s.

Re: Mr. Gallagher: I actually like this recent single, and liked it even before I knew Johnny Marr (may His name be praised) played on it.

Ol’ Noel, when it comes to writing advice, is characteristically pithy: “What I’d say to that is, write a decent [darn] chorus. The end.”

His interview is worth reading solely for his account of drinks at Morrissey’s with Russell Brand. I think they all should meet up again, but on stage. I would pay to hear that trio read junk mail.